Elsegood Silk & Fabric is a premium textile wholesaler based in Sydney, Australia dedicated to providing quality fabrics at a great price to support designers to build successful brands. 

We believe a quality fabric and great design should last the years and remain a loved staple of any wardrobe. We are proud to see our fabrics transformed into sensational garments from some of Australia's leading designers.

Our long standing relationships with our mills gives us the advantage of sourcing unique, high quality fabrics and the peace of mind that our goods will be delivered securely and on time from factories offering safe and healthy working conditions to their employees.  

We specialise in the best quality silk, evening and base cloths as well as our warehouse boasting over 300 lines of fabric from linens and lace, mico-polyesters and a range of natural fibre blends.

We proudly support leading designers and labels including Bec + Bridge, Cue Designs, Dion Lee, SJC Made for Travel; Albus Lumen, Alex Perry, Karen Willis Holmes, Christopher Esber, Michael Lo Sordo and Lee Matthews.

Whether you are starting out or have been in the industry for years we have you covered when it comes to your fabric needs.


The Elsegood business began in 1953 when Reginald George become one of the first silk merchants in Australia. He honed his craft over the next three decades and created one of the largest and most successful fabric wholesale companies in Australia. In the early 1980’s his three sons Andrew, Stewart and Mac joined the family business and continue to run it together today.